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Holding Hands

Our Approach

While your story is our main focus, we are also meticulous about capturing the highest quality video. To do this, we shoot on high-quality cinema cameras. During the ceremony, we use 3-4 cameras to make sure that we not only cover the formalities of the ceremony, but also the intimacy, reactions, and details. We use steadicams, sliders, drones and other professional equipment to provide fluid, dy-namic motion to our footage.

Audio is another huge aspect of our storytelling style, and we use lavalieres, field recorders, and audio feeds from the venue’s board to capture crisp, clean audio. For the ceremony, we mic the groom, officiant, and any additional speakers or readers. We place a unique omnidirectional microphone on the groom, so that we can capture great audio from the bride as well. We also set up recorders for any instruments, singers, or strings to capture all of the music of the ceremony. We carry backups for all of our equipment, and always have a safety net in case of equipment failure.

All production companies know that no matter how good of footage and audio you capture, the video’s magic comes from the editing room. We spend hours (if not days) pouring over your footage to find the clips that will tell your story. A big part of putting those clips together is music, so we choose songs based on the footage, emotion, location, personality, and ambience of the wedding. Since we are bound by copyright laws for any material we post online, we don’t necessarily use “popular” songs. We actually prefer this, since the song we use won’t be tied with any memories other than your wedding day. We do take into account your style as a couple, and we strive to use songs that you will enjoy. 


Bringing out your unique story and love is our main goal during your wedding day. With that in mind, we love going the extra mile in showcasing your personalities. That can look like capturing audio of you reading notes to each other, reciting personal vows, or even capturing you saying a few words about each other. We would love to do anything we can to help bring your story to life.


Kara Steward

Director of Operations 


Jordan Orsak



Reese Reissig



Chelsea Paigen




Abby Timmons

"Our day was captured so perfectly. The team was so respectful to our wishes and always on top of the precious moments. We will always cherish this video. Thank you Blissful Films"

vlcsnap-2021-01-05-13h31m22s692 (1).png

Blissful Films did above and beyond an amazing job on our wedding video at Heather's Glen! He caught every special little moment. We will cherish our video forever. Thank you so much!"


Reese and Jordan are truly two of the most talented and skilled professionals I have ever worked with. Their vision is unmatched and their attention to detail is one of my favorite things about their craft.

Shannen Hohl 

Morgan Hayes

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